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Trends Mergers & Acquisitions has been involved in over 200 reverse merger transactions, providing M & A services, along with capital raising capabilities to companies in the United States and internationally. With direct links to Europe, Asia, and North and South America Trends serves as a vehicle to access capital markets around the globe.

Transactions and Clients

Makh Group Corp. provides consulting services for selection of production plants and products in China. The Company represents the interests of their customers and acts as authorized representative throughout the entire territory of China. It is in the process of changing its name to WeWin Group Corp. About WeWin Group: Ever since its foundation in December 2014, We Win Group has embarked on a passionately motivated and triumphantly advanced journey of entrepreneurship and expands its business to more than 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions; at present, WeWin has under it four subsidiaries, namely, WeWin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., WeJiehui Information Co., Ltd., Diguo Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Yinjia Network Technology Co., Ltd. WeWin Group is the first WeChat-based business that has established cooperation with world-famous universities, including Harvard University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University; in May 2015, WeWin was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, and in April 2017, it became China's first Wechat-powered business listed on NASDAQ, USA. WeWin Group took the lead to seize the moment, and successfully completed its layout of substantive WeChat-based business, and initiated the integration of physical stores and mobile internet. With about 500,000 agents it has developed nationwide, WeWin commits itself to becoming a leading enterprise in the Chinese macro health industry.

FLXR - Flex Fridge Corp

FlexFridge is a patented four-cubic-foot, foldable portable mini-fridge. It was designed to allow students, campers, hotels, and businesses easy access to spacious fridge-space. Customers can utilize the compact fridge in their dorm rooms, RVs, hotel rooms, or offices. FlexFridge has all the convenience of a cooler with all the power of a fridge.

TPCQ - Tapioca Corp