Trends Mergers & Acquisitions

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Trends Mergers & Acquisitions has been involved in over 200 reverse merger transactions, providing M & A services, along with capital raising capabilities to companies in the United States and internationally. With direct links to Europe, Asia, and North and South America Trends serves as a vehicle to access capital markets around the globe.

Transactions and Clients

PCCM - Pacific Media Group Enterprises Inc

Pacific Media Group Enterprises, Inc. was established as part of the Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Pacific Shores Development, Inc. In September 2015 the Company began development of mobile apps designed (a) to allow patients/clients to see fee quotes from professionals such as dentists and attorneys for professional services, and (b) to provide these professionals with prospects or leads for new patients/clients. The Company is currently testing the first app in preparation for its launch.

LGYV - Legacy Ventures International Inc.

Legacy Ventures International Inc. is a management company incorporated in Nevada. Upon its recent acquisition of RM Fresh Brands of Toronto, Canada, it is in the food and beverage distribution business of innovative, trend-setting products across North America. With a focus on sustainable, category changing consumables, RM Fresh Brands represents a portfolio of highly desirable brands, including Boxed Water.

Wigi4You intends to provide a website and mobile app to assist event planners in locating performers, bands and speakers, booking locations and planning events in areas around the United States and Canada.

CIIT - Tianci International Inc.
ANAS - Alternaturals, Inc.

Alternaturals, Inc. manufactures and sells alternative healthcare products including an all-natural sleep aids, as well as many natural substitutes for popular prescription drugs. The company also plans to operate as a distribution company to centralize the fragmented alternative health product industries.