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Trends Mergers & Acquisitions has been involved in over 200 reverse merger transactions, providing M & A services, along with capital raising capabilities to companies in the United States and internationally. With direct links to Europe, Asia, and North and South America Trends serves as a vehicle to access capital markets around the globe.

Transactions and Clients

ASUV - THC Therapeutics

THC Therapeutics, inc. is a forward-thinking publicly traded company in the cannabis industry focusing on health and healing. The company is developing their patent-pending product the dHydronator®, a sanitizing herb dryer. The main function of the dHydronator is to greatly accelerate drying time while sanitizing Cannabis. The dHydronator is proven to reduce the drying time from 10-14 days to less than 14 hours. The company is currently generating revenue from its brand of float spas. THC Therapeutics will be getting involved in testing facilities, cultivation of Cannabis and personal wellness centers. The Company is seeking partnerships, mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis, health and healing industries.

TBMM - T-Bamm

T-Bamm intends to be an on-line store specializing in T-Shirts for the entire family, manufactured from Bamboo. It sells Bamboo T-Shirts that is environmentally friendly and renewal.

ILUM - Illumitry Corp.

With the acquisition of PetsZX, Inc., the Company will be engaged in the business of marketing, via direct response, electronic and social media, it's line of proprietary supplemental products for pets.

TRMX - Xinda International Corp

The Company is principally engaged in the business of marketing an array of property tax lien services including (a) identifying property tax lien auctions and property tax liens for sale; (b) providing valuation services with regards to real property subject to property tax liens; and (c) providing consultative and advisory services to property tax lien investors in regards to purchasing property tax liens, servicing property tax liens and adjudicating property tax liens.

WKKE - Wike Corp

WIKE Corp. is a development-stage company in the business of printing on ornamental ribbons.

XNWU - Xuan Wu International Group Holding Co.

The Issuer is engaged in the exploration, processing and selling of basalt slip-resistant stones, railway ballasts and limestone. The Company has two mines: basalt mine, ballast mine. The Company signed a contract with the local government, the Committee of Wulizhuang Village to develop the mountain area in which the mines are located for 20 years, from Aug 1, 2005 to Aug 1, 2020.