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Jon Doukas of Trends, Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC. Talks the Business of Going Public

PHOENIX, AZ – (Uptick Newswire – March 28, 2017) – Uptick Newswire, LLC is pleased to announce today that Jon Doukas, Managing Partner at Trends, Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC., was interviewed by CEO Everett Jolly on Uptick Newswire’s Stock Day Podcast.

Trends, Mergers & Acquisitions is an M & A firm that advises entrepreneurs on the entire go-public strategy: from sourcing the most appropriate public shell, to legal, accounting, auditors, transfer agents and introduction to capital.

“We know what entrepreneurs face. The proposition is that “the better part of a great reverse merger is a good execution.” Trends Mergers & Acquisitions provides the core competence and experience to allow these companies to smoothly transition into and effectively compete in the capital market,” said Mr. Doukas.

When asked what separates his company from other boutique firms, Mr. Doukas replied, “We look from a holistic point of view. We want to understand the business model, and we take a very long term view on any company we take public.”

In addition, Mr. Doukas stated that Mr. Greyling’s initial concept in founding Trends M & A was to offer a professional platform for emerging companies to reach the public markets. However, it became apparent that offering Management Advisory Services to these newly public companies greatly insured their success in the secondary market.

Additionally, Mr. Doukas discussed the PubcoXchange, a unique marketplace offered on their web-site for buyers and sellers of public companies. To learn more about Trends Mergers & Acquisitions visit the website:

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